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Pre-Farm to Table – a Bee’s Work @ La Sells Stewart Art Center (Giustina Gallery)
Aug 26 – Sep 26 all-day
Pre-Farm to Table - a Bee's Work @ La Sells Stewart Art Center (Giustina Gallery)

Pre-Farm to Table – a Bee’s Work speaks to the ecology of the farmer’s helpers (including moths, bees, butterflies, hummingbirds and other such pollinators) who help produce food that goes on our tables. This exhibit features the importance of these pollinators in our gardens, on our farms and in our lives. Pattie will have one of her pieces, “50,000 Bees Die #2,” on display at the juried exhibit.

Reception scheduled for Friday, Sept 6, 2019 at 5:30 -7:30 pm. All are invited to join in the artful celebration.

La Sells Stewart Art Center (Giustina Gallery)
Oregon State University
875 SW 26th St, Corvallis
OR 97331



Past Events (Pre-2019)

 Poetry Readings

Book Launch for The Poeming Pigeon: In the News, Portland, Oregon, Sept 2018
Free Range Poetry Series, Multnomah Country Library, NW Branch, Portland Oregon, May 2018
Book Launch for The Poeming Pigeon: Love Poems, Portland, Oregon, Dec 2017
Book Launch for The Poeming Pigeon: Poems from the Garden, Portland, Oregon, May 2017
Write to Publish Conference/Reading, First Prize in Poetry Contest, Ooligan Press/Portland State University, Feb 2017
Free Range Poetry Series presents The Feral Poets, Portland, Oregon, Dec 2016
Book Launch for 
The Poeming Pigeon: Doobie or Not Doobie?, Portland, Oregon, April 2016
The Poetry Box® Book Celebration, Park Place Books, Kirkland, Washington, Nov 2015
VoiceCatcher Authors & Editors at Milepost 5, Portland, Oregon, June 2015
Book Launch 
Poeming Pigeons, Ford Food & Drink, Portland, Oregon, May 2015
Readings at Milepost 5, One of four featured poets, Portland, Oregon, Jan 2015

 Solo Art Exhibits

First Unitarian Church: Art Wall, Portland, Oregon, June 4 – 29 , 2017 
Cheryl Sallee Gallery at The Auburn Senior Activity Center, Auburn, Washington, February-April, 2016 
Trinity Episcopal Cathedral, Kempton Hall, Portland, Oregon, 2012 
Pheasant Run Wine Tasting Room, Aurora, Oregon, 2012 
US Bank, Pearl Branch — Portland, Oregon 2010 
Walters Cultural Arts Center – Hillsboro, Oregon 2008 
Commissioner Dan Saltzman’s Office, Portland City Hall – Portland, Oregon 2006, 2008 
Talisman,Gallery – Portland, Oregon yearly exhibitions 2001 – 2008 
The Living Gallery – Ashland, Oregon 2000 

Group Art Exhibits

Beaverton Arts Mix Exhibit, Beaverton, Oregon, Oct 2016
Wallawa Festival of Art, Joseph Center of Arts and Culture, Joseph, Oregon, Sept 2016
Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts, Special Exhibit for 2016: Chasing Paper, Lake Oswego, Oregon, June 2016
Featured artist; Ballard &Call Gallery, Camas WA ongoing 
The Poetic Pen Exhibition – 23 Sandy Gallery, Portland, Oregon 2012 
Inspiring Older Artists; Collaborative Partnership with Geezer Gallery – ongoing traveling exhibit 2011 
Anchors Away; Gresham Visual Arts Gallery 2011 
Tarot Art Show; Splendorporium — Portland, Oregon 2010 
Whimsy; Geezer Gallery — Portland, Oregon 2010 
The Portland Deck of Cards Project— Following places in Portland, Oregon 2010: 
          US Bank, Pearl Branch 
          Crow Gallery 
Along the Open Road; Gresham Visual Art Gallery — Gresham, Oregon 2010 
City of Gresham Juried Exhibit — Gresham, Oregon 2009 
Visual Arts Showcase – Beaverton, Oregon 2009, 2007, 2004 
Interstate Firehouse Cultural Center (WORD, a Celebration of Font and Text – Portland, Oregon 2008 
Kingstaad Gallery (ArtPeace:PeaceArt) – Beaverton, Oregon 2008 
Coos Bay Art Museum (BAAA Regional Juried Exhibition) – Coos Bay, Oregon 2007 
Studio Donatello Juried Exhibit – Portland, Oregon 2007 
Gresham Art Advisory 10th Juried Exhibit (winner of People’s Choice Award) – Gresham, Oregon 2007 
Trinity Episcopal Church – 2005, 2006 
St. John’s Window Project – Portland, Oregon 2004 
Interstate Firehouse Cultural Center (Living Roots and Routes) – Portland, Oregon 2004 


Artwork on display and represented by Valley Bronze Gallery, 18 South Main St., Joseph, OR (2017) 
Artwork and Poetry featured in Nature Inspired: Animal Edition, Falling Leaves Press, Summer 2016
Featured Poet on the Poetry Pole, Multnomah Arts Center, Portland, Oregon, March, 2016 
Grand Works Northwest Art Festival — Portland, Oregon 2010 
Member of the Talisman Gallery, Portland, Oregon, 2000-2006 
Portland Open Studios, 1991 – 2006