50,000 Bumblebees Die #2


Tubac Center of the Arts International Exhibition, 2018 (Hon. Mention)

Collage of Paste Paper with Calligraphy of the Artist’s Poetry

Professionally Framed & Matted

Size: 23″ x 30″

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The sprayer power-mists poison clouds
over the Linden trees. Fifty thousand bumblebees
downdraft and soft-plop on the asphalt.
Nearby, the colonies hunker in ground holes,
queens and drones whisper confusion
and wait. No workers, not one floats down
the hollowed passageways. The queens dream
of fuzzed carapaces tumbling into a funeral pyre
and follow the curl of amber-streaked smoke,
fly into the fire’s center, shoot out
gold-barbed fireworks,
stinging the onlookers blind.